sunnuntai 22. marraskuuta 2009

Baking and "dreadsing"

I found more berries from the freezer (thanks to Sari!) so i have baked again! :> This time the pie is made from red currants. Looks bloody but tastes yummy!

And what the hell is "dreadsing"?! I dunno really but now it's what i did whith some of my old synthetic dreads. :D I used a little bit an iron, steam and my arms with such a twist and heat so now they look like new ones. So, goergous black-red dreads coming this winter!

torstai 12. marraskuuta 2009


Last weekend i found from our freezer some rhubarbs so... I made two rhubarb pies! The first one i made simple filling the pie with rhubarb pieces and i powdered some cinnamon on. The another one i filled with rhubarb and banana pieces. My mom loved the cinnamon one and my bro ate the whole banana-rhubarb pie during this week! And because rhubarb includes so much nasty acids for thoot it was better to eat these with icecream. Very delicious!

I also found some pictures from my birthdayparty which i had on July. I baked there B-day cake, "dry cake", vegan carrot muffins, and also some bread as a snack. The main cake was caramel cream-strawberry with cookie base and i made a little mistake with it... I kept this cookie base a little bit too long time in the owen so it was hard to take a piece of it. And when i cut the first piece the caramel cream flowed over because it was too leak. My bad. :D But luckily the taste was better than practicality.