tiistai 22. joulukuuta 2009

Christmas is aproaching me!

Today we had last day at the school this year. First we went to the church and then to the school building, where we had little Christmas celebration with some glögi-drink.

After school i went to buy last X-mas gifts for my family and met my lovely friends! <3 We went to Noodle bar and had a great time together. We also gave gifts for each others. This year i managed not to open those gifts yeat. I save them for Christmas eve...

Torrow we will decorate our house with Christmas stuff and make some delicious traditional Finnish Christmas dishes like rosolli.

I'm so waiting for the Christmas although this is first one without my big brother. But i'm sure his spirit is with us. <3

Happy Christmas for everyone!

maanantai 7. joulukuuta 2009

Happy birthday to Finland!

Yesterday was Independence Day in Finland and, on that day, we have tradition in our family to bake gingerbreads ready for Christmas. I really enjoy that tradition! It's comfortable to listen to Christmas songs and make different figured gingerbreads. And ofcourse: the batter is so delicious that while baking gingerbreads, almost 1/4 of the batter dissappears to someones mouth. :)~

And here is picture about one of the dozens of dampers which we made: The gingerbread army in the "sauna". :D

And yesterday i also coloured my hair. Before I had little bit orange-like red, but now it's bright wine-like red. I really like it and i hope it won't leak to the drains so soon as it usually does...