torstai 7. tammikuuta 2010

Give me some flavors and i'll give you taste

After Holidays my mom found little pit cream from the fridge wich had got little bit sour. As long as it wasn't full of little boogiemen (aka bacteries or other little orcs who lives in spoiled food), i decided to bake flavor cake. My mom has very delicius reciep for this and i wanted to use it. In this flavor cake, there are cinnamon and cardamom.

^ What's under it...? "Älä tule paha kakku, tule hyvä kakku!" :D

Someone was fast and got a slice of it, before i managed to took a photo. :P But that person told me that the cake is truly as delicius as it should be, or even more delicious! Yay, so mission completed.

keskiviikko 6. tammikuuta 2010

New year!

Year has changed and I wish that this year would be better than last one... No, it must be! I think that our family went through the biggest crisis what we have ever had during this life but we survived. Experiences (good, bad and hard ones) had made us stronger and i'm looking forward with wistful and open mind!

But now, something what i haven't blazed from the end of last year: Christmas! And because today is Epiphany (Loppiainen), it's not too late (yet) to tell what i made and got during Christmas.
As a gift, I got lot of different kind of tea flavors, so I have drunk litres of tea everyday (and i'm still going to drink!). One big problem turned out, when i noticed that my tea got cold before i managed to drink it all. So i needed to make "a Tea pan hat". It was Christams eve, i sat down in front of my sewing machine and made this cute huge hat. It's not the best and most beautiful one you can get but it works!

Now I don't have to drink cold tea anymore!

So, tea was "the thing" for last Christmas, but there was another clear theme when i opened my gifts: Hello Kitty! I got lots of cutie kitty stuff, and one of the funniest things was this alarm clock. Now i just can't sleep over!

That's all about X-mas for now and it's time to look forward: year 2010 and unknown future to experience. Happy new year for everyone, i wish it would be full of joy and adventures!