keskiviikko 28. huhtikuuta 2010

R.I.P. Töpö

On Saturday our dear first guinea pig lady Töpö died.
She was 3½ years old and i know she was little bit too young to die.

Töpö had had about one year strange pain in her stomach and last summer part of her fur dropped away. We showed her to the doctor several times but she didn't know ether what was wrong with her. It wasn't lack of vitamin C or wrong kind of nutrition (because our other "guineas" did very well with the same food). We were wonder was it something with hormones or tumor but it seemed like there were air in her bowel but medicines didn't help her and she didn't have diarrhea ether.

I wonder was it destiny or what, but on Saturday we were on Pet Expo with my mom watching guinea pigs and cats, she also bought there a silvery cross necklace for herself. And the day were 24th April (on 24th January 2009 my brother passed away) so 24th day is day of unluck for our family. So all and all, everything what i told you happened on that day when Töpö died. Luckily we were home when it happened, my mom hold Töpö while she was breathing one last time.
For my mom it's very difficult because Töpö was her guinea pig number one. They had some kind of deep connection, and Töpö loved her more than her guinea pig friends in the same cage, Laku and Nöpö.

But now i'm sure that Töpö is in the guinea pig heaven. And Laku and Nöpö have their own guinea pig guardian angel. <3

torstai 22. huhtikuuta 2010

Me wants do some shopping!

Oh no!

After watching too many times Lady Gaga's Telephone and Love Game music vids my brains has decided that i need biker coat. Sadly i have been shopping too much during this winter so i need some rest for my wallet.
And i should go to second hand market to sell oldie clothes and stuff away...
So let's sell first!

sunnuntai 18. huhtikuuta 2010

Galna Dagar!

Sunny sunday everyone! Look above and see my shiny, new and fabulous red extensions. I totally love them. Sadly i can't use them for a while because my hair color had changed its shade a bit to something between red and dark pink...

But what about Galna dagar? Oh yes, I used to avoid Hullut päivät-campaign but on Monday i read the brochure and my eyes got hooked to shiny black leggings. So i had to have them! Those leggings was on sale only on Sunday so i had to wait untill today.
On Wednesday, when the "Crazy Days" begun, my mom phoned me to arrive there with her. So goodbye for my "i never go to crazy days"-promise... People were totally crazy. Everyone carried huge piles of sale-stuff and pushed others away from them if they saw something interesting which they might have needed. Only jungle laws are acceptable there then!
I managed to pop out this goergous "tuniqe- top" which is slightly zepra printed fabric. My mom bought it for me as a gift because i had just came home.

And today i got my shiny shiny shhhhiny leggings! Unluckily it wasn't so easy to get them... Doors opened 12 o'clock and i was there 10 past 12 and those leggings were already sold out! So i had to took metro and find my way to another shop. And when i steped in, i saw them: shiny new leggings. But they were last ones! I graped them as fast as i could and cheked out the size: L - large - huge- enormous! For a second voice inside my head screemed "Shit! These are totally too big for me. I will get lost inside if i wear them..."
But (dadadadaaaa!) how could i forgot that i have sewing machines? It means that i can make them smaller to fit in my legs. So i bought them and now i'm happy. :)

Have a shiny week as my legs will have!

tiistai 13. huhtikuuta 2010

Kind a freedom

I came back home today! I feel very exited and i'm wistful for my future. Tomorrow i go back to school and see some of my friends for a long time...

Last week i dyed my hair bright red again. I love them! <3 I have bought long and straight clip-on extensions. Let's see when i'm going to use them because after my visit to hairdresser i have loved my short hair cut very much... :>

Spring is going on and i love it. Summer will be here soon!

Thankies for my mum for the lovely pink roses. <3

sunnuntai 4. huhtikuuta 2010

Hyvää pääsiäistä!

Buon pasqua a tutti!

My blog has been silent for couple of months now, sorry about that. It's because I have had other important things to do and everything else in my life has been having a break. But now it seems that i can reactivate this blog.

So! During my abscence i have been knitting very energetically. I've succeed to make couple of woolen socks (you can see one of them in the picture below, the long black ones <3), mittens, wooly hat and legwarmers! I hated knitting in comprehensive school but now it seems that i've been like old granny: knitting and baking all the time. :D Not bad still, now i know that i might become a good granny when years go by.

Yesterday i used my sewing machines for a long time (they were already covered with dust!). I shortened my mom's trousers and fixed one Nightwish-top which i bought from their last autumn's Hartwall Arena consert. The top was children's size so i had to add more lenght to it, without it my (big) belly would be world famous. "Napa näkyy naapureille, naapurin pojat nauraa..." :P