perjantai 28. toukokuuta 2010

Energy of life

Here she is, lady Viuhka, our new guinie. It's such a joy to look after her doings, usually she jumps around and does extremely quick movements. And Viuhka is so tiny! It's like holding a bird on my hands because her body is light as air. What a cutie!

Ah then, deep notions...
I have to say that it's so amazing how you can get so much energy from other people, especially from those ones who are very important for you.
They don't even have to say any magical thing or tell any solutions for your problems, and still you feel much more energetic after meeting them. Sometimes speaking aloud for someone who truly understands you and appreciate your point of view makes you feel kind a relieved.
It's not like finding the truth or a new way of life but it's like... feeling special. The feeling that you both can share something from your lives for each others, it's important and meaningless.

I think it's called friendship. Plus having a connection which scientists can not explain by their theories. :P

maanantai 24. toukokuuta 2010

Practically lost

I've gone trough some serious thinking after my last post. As you might have read from it, i thought about my style before and after -things. And now I've noticed that my style is not the only thing which is lost in my life.

During last two years I've gone trough so many emotions and situations than never before in my whole life. And during those years i managed to keep my self going on without falling apart completely. But after new year 2010 i had to stop my endless race of living and think again some serious issues of my life. I had kept going and going like unstoppable machine without really thinking where the hell i'm leading me. After couple months of nutrition for my body and mind i had such an ambition to keep going on, again.

Now i want to stop again. It's nearly summer holiday so at least then i have to stop. But now i want to stop little bit before it.

I want to question my own needs and intentions and find who am i. Yes, i'm asking from my self: who the hell am i?! Because seriously, i don't know it at the moment. Because of consequences of my life had really mixed me a bit, i feel like being lost. I've found my life very empty and meaningless. And why? I think it's about all these loss which i have suffered. Where shall i catch if there is nothing to catch for?

So now it's time to find out what i've become and what do i want. I don't expect it to be easy but i hope it's worth it. Some new things have already appeared in my life which I've found quite pleasant. Hope to find out some more!

Yeah, i know: maybe too deep thoughts which don't fit in my blog in such a pretty way. But what you can do if you find something to say...

And in the end of the post some lighter talk:
We got new guinea pig! We named her Viuhka. She is sheltie by her breed so she is going to be very hairy (thank god, mom will be the hairdresser for her).

And finally some SECOND HAND news from me:
Next Saturday (30.5.) on Valtterin kirppis, i'll be there with Ansku-bansku selling everything unwanted old stuff. So please, be kind and buy them away. :) There are clothes (NOT only small sizes!) and shoes and lot of everything else.

keskiviikko 12. toukokuuta 2010

My blue moment

This morning i had a blue moment. Some Finns may think that it had something to do with Fazerin sininen -chocolate but i did not.
I just had nice calm morning and I did my weekly exercise with some equipment which all i found to be blue (oh great, now you know that i can use my eyes!).
After exercising i needed to wake up my body with some relaxing doings so i used cold "eye mask" (or what the hell is called the mask you put around eyes...) and drunk tea (what, i drank tea? i don't believe me :P) from my Moomin cup. And both of those relaxing stuffs were... blue!
So, i spent pleasurable body waking morning. And it was that blue moment!

And because it seemed that i had too much time before going to school, i switched my clothes hundreds of times and thought which ones would fit best today.
I ended up to this rock'n'roll stylish outfit. With wet-look leggings, denim-vest, tunic with asymmetrical hem, chain on my neck and cute pink converses i'm so fashion bitch (oh no, too bad).

Last weekend on mother's day, i went to Ofelia Second Hand Market. It sells gothic, lolita, vintage, rock'n'roll and burlesque style clothing and accessories. Maybe i was lucky that i forgot my wallet home, because in other ways i would be broke now.
And i have to say that i felt myself very... boring while being there.

Once my style was quite a goth with platform shoes, tulle-skirts, corsets, dark detailed make-up and big dread head every single day. Now i haven't used those for a long time and my style has gone... more simple from those days.
Maybe it's because of i've grown up/became lazy/became boring or then it's not a right style for me anymore.
And i know, being/looking like a goth it's not just a out look and blaablaa BLAA.
But my feelings just bothers me... It's like i don't dare to look like that anymore or something. I want to look more "regular" but still pop out from the groud.

Small but complicated issue.

(ps. check out Ofelia Market's myspace: )

lauantai 8. toukokuuta 2010

Eesti and there is a town called Tallinna

Last weekend on Vappu day (the only carnival in Finland) i went to Estonia by boat with my brother and some relatives. By the travel we wanted to celebrate our grandma's birthday because she is now 70 years old (good for her!).

We took Tallink Star boat and we had wonderful brunch there. I loved a salty salmon with bread and natrual yogurt with berries. Although the tea was Lipton's bag tea it didn't made such a big deal with me because it was green. Ahhh, my morning won't start without tea! <3

Our hotel, Hotel Telegraaf, was in the middle of the old town in Tallin. The hotel was awesome, i would say luxurious! It was well-decorated, kind a baroque style, and personnel was very polite and respectful even for me and my little brother (and we are not the finest looking people in the world). Our hotel room was big and also very decorated, even bathroom was so wonderful that i would have slept in bathtub if there haven't been such a big and soft bead. And those pillows! My head literally sank there.
I don't know why i found it so funny that our toilet paper was closed by stamp.

After settled down to the hotel we went to walk around the beautiful old town.
And almost in every corner someone was selling these flavored sugary almonds. If you like almonds and taste of cinnamon these are totally made for you too! My aunt bought this almond package for me, and see that monk who looks so evil. Heavy metal! :D

We had a cup of coffee (and i had a cup of tea ofcourse) in a Kalev cafeteria. Kalev is a mark of sweets in Estonia, they make chocolates, bakeries and that kind of sweeties.
I tasted this nut-raisin biscuit but i didn't like it so much, in my opinion it didn't taste like anything. So after all, my little brother and grandma ate it.

The old part of Tallin has very many beautiful old buildings. Especially i like those maybe little bit creepy looking old houses/buildings.

We went to one pub, where my uncles and aunts wanted to drink a pint of house's bear and they got it, one liter per head. As long as i don't drink alcohol, I preferred to take cup of tea (again!) and i got it in this super cool miniature tea pan. Black tea is so good with a slice of lemon.

Because i didn't ate the biscuit in a cafeteria, i became hungry quickly and there were couple hours before even thinking eating dinner. So i went to local supermarket looking for a snak. I knew that yogurt would be the thing what i needed and i went crazy in front of those super cool never seen before yogurt snaks!
I decided to try this "jäätisemaitseline" (ice cream tasted) one and it was yummy!

We had a dinner in a nice house-like restaurant in one cellar. The food was estoanian home food and i took potato mushroom cutlet and it was delicious.

Next morning we had nice, very nice, breakfast in our Hotel. There were everything tasty things what i needed by luxurious breakfast, only porridge was missing. Especially i liked the cinnamon-apple yogurt. <3 And this or what was awesome, the waitress brought me own tea pan for the breakfast! And i enjoyed it, cup by cup.

On our last day we ate our lunch in medieval styled restaurant Olde Hansa. It was super cool! They had made almost everything like on middle ages: there were only candles as light (also in the bathroom), the stuff was dressed up medieval clothes and the food and drinks were that style too. My brother asked for a lemonade but they haven't got any. :D I took food called "vegetarian treat" and it totally was that! The food included sweet Swedish turniple, mushroom sauce, barley, roasted nuts, saffron, lentil sauce and olives. And the dish was kind a huge!
If you go to Tallin in Estonia, you have to eat there.

And on Sunday eve we went back to Finland by Tallink Superstar with kind a full tummies. I still needed to eat one shrimp salad on the boat because of keeping my eating rhythm balanced. And ofcourse i drank tea, it had to be camomille tea to calm me down after such a busy travel. :P